Diamond Chef Promise

Every Diamond Chef Promises the 4C’s Guarantee- Craftsmanship, Coating, Creations, and Clean Up.
Product Design

Product Design

With the aim of creating products that are both beneficial and useful for the user, our designer has created a selection of cutting-edge kitchen and home products. He is constantly searching for fresh concepts and answers while on his international trips. He has a passion for cooking and loves to make tasty, wholesome meals for his friends and family, therefore this specific product line is near and dear to his heart. The strength and brilliance of diamonds inspired our designer to look for a material that might match those qualities. Our non-stick coating was improved by adding graphene to make a coating that is both extra durable and non-stick.


Our Brand

An elegant, beautiful, and incredibly functional set of non-stick cookware that will last a lifetime...that is Diamond Chef.



Where to buy

Please contact with our
Asian distributor for purchasing.