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Before using your new cookware, it is recommended that you wash it in hot water with mild soap or dish detergent. 

Rinse thoroughly and wipe dry immediately with a soft dish towel.

You can put it in the dishwasher to rinse and clean before using for the first time.v

We recommend low to medium heat settings for most cooking.  The Graphene coating distributes heat more effectively and evenly.  This causes some protein-rich foods to cook more quickly.

Some oils and fats burn at lower temperatures.  We recommend to use oils and fats that have a high smoke point: refined olive oil, peanut oil, corn oil and (clarified) butter.

Do not use extra virgin olive oil or oil sprays.  They cannot withstand high heating and will leave a thin carbonized layer on the non-stick coating.

Allow pans to cool completely before washing.  Never immerse a hot pan in cold water as this will cause irreparable warping.  Cleaning your cookware is quick and easy.

After each use, fill your pan with hot water and liquid dish detergent.  Let this stand until lukewarm.  Use a sponge or soft cloth to remove any remaining food particles.

Do not use steel wool or other metal pads.  They could leave coarse scratches.

To avoid accidents, the product should only be used if the handle is firmly attached.

Cleaning in the dishwasher is possible but can affect the non-stick properties.

To prevent scratching the coating, we recommend using non-metal utensils with your Cookware.  Do not cut food in the pan.  Using sharp utensils such as forks, knives, mashers or whisks can scratch the cooking surface.

When storing your cookware avoid stacking and crowding it in cabinets or drawers.  That could cause scratches.  We recommend a cookware rack or pegboard to provide convenient, safe storage.  Always nest your non-stick pans carefully.  Never place any metal pan covers with thin, sharp edges inside your pans.

DIAMOND CHEF Graphene pans/pots are compatible with heat sources including gas, electric, and induction cooktops

When we talk about the diameter of the pan, we always mean the diameter measured at the top of the pan. This way you also know what size the matching lid should be.

You can place a larger pan on a smaller hob. But the more closely your hob corresponds to the base of the pan, the better.
Please note that the diameter indicated in the commercial name is the diameter measured at the top of the pan, which is not always the same as the diameter of the cooking hob.

Pans with Graphene non-stick coating are useful for frying more delicate ingredients. Graphene non-stick coating ensures perfect frying results using a minimum of fat. This is perfect for preparing eggs, omelettes, vegetables, fish fillets, breaded chicken, and meat in breadcrumbs…

Over time, the Graphene non-stick properties of your non-stick pan can deteriorate, due to overheating, use of the dishwasher or wear-and-tear. Please be alert if any non-stick coating comes off, revealing the aluminium layer underneath. If this happens, you must replace your pan.